Video analytics for the agricultural sector


Video analytics for the agricultural sector



Currently, the development process of the agricultural sector can be characterized by the trend of introducing modern technologies. One of the components of the modern agricultural complex is video analytics systems. The days when video surveillance was used exclusively for security purposes long ago in the past thanks to modern technologies, video analytics systems are able to perform a number of additional functions.

An important task of any business is to maintain and control its property and materials. This is even more true for agriculture since it is very difficult to consume raw materials, supplies, the use of the equipment, and much more. Installation of a video analytics system will allow not only to detect and record violations and emergencies but also to quickly monitor the condition of crops.

The advantage of video analytics systems powered by Stack Systems:

  • connection of any video cameras

  • watching videos both online as from the archives

  • integration of third-party analytic modules

  • two-way data exchange with 1C program

  • integration with access control systems

  • integration with security systems

  • license plate recognition

  • integration with weight measuring systems