Information Security

Goals for successful information protection model

  • iconConfidentiality of information
  • iconInformation Availability
  • iconInformation integrity
  • iconAccounting for all processes

An integrated approach and innovative solutions in the field of information security allow our specialists to implement a solution of any complexity. In the implementation of information protection projects, we use a phased approach, which consists of the following items:

Security audit

Before designing a reliable security system, our company experts conduct an audit of the security of the existing information system (IS)


- Assessment of the current level of IS protection


- Localization of bottlenecks in the IS protection


- Assessment of compliance of IS with relevant information security standards


- Reporting on existing non-compliance with IS standards, criteria and protection system

System design

 - Implementation of protection measures corresponding to real threats to the Information Security of the Company.

 - Correspondence of the developed information security organization system and regulatory framework to certain criteria (legislation, standards, internal requirements).

 - Centralization of management processes and monitoring information security in the Company

 - Control over services and information security systems, flexible distribution of access, and control levels.

 - Standardization, unification, and optimization of information and management resources to ensure the security of all related services and units.

Implementation and certification

 - Supply, installation and configuration of information security tools


 - Development of documentation (technical passports for objects of informatization, organizational and administrative documents for objects of informatization, models of threats to information security)


 - Certification tests


 - Certification of the information system